Safe curling

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Here are some advices on how you can lower the adverse effects of the curling.
Before curling
Do not dye and do not enhance the color of your hair with chemical products before curling. They will damage your hair and the perm will make it even thinner. 
Contraindications of curling
It is better to postpone the curling if you feel sick or have low blood pressure.
After curling
Immediately after curling your hair is very sensitive. So try to avoid washing your hair up to three days after curling. It is recommended that you use a soft shampoo for damaged hair.
Hair masks
The hair masks containing useful substances (moisturizing panthenol and keratin, collagen, proteins) can help for the hydration and enhancement of the curled hair and make it shiny and glossy again. Warm oil hair masks have the same effect.
Curling and hair color

If the curling brightens your hair, use organic substances to improve it. These substances not only make the color richer but help the hair to be healthier. Organic dyes cover the hair with a protective layer and smooth the splitting ends, the hair becomes glossy.
Splitting ends after curling
Often the curling of the hair makes it split. In order your hair to look healthier cut the splitting ends.
Comb or brush for curly hair?
To have long-lasting curls use a comb. Thick brushes or combs damage the shape of the curls.


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