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Every woman wants her hair to be shiny and healthy. But what to do with the already damaged of everyday treatements hair? Is there a solution for the frizzy hair lacking color and gloss? First of all it is important to know what is happening with your hair when you manipulate it and to try to avoid the adverse effects.
The damage of the hair due to chemical treating or mechanical damage may be very hard to be recovered, let us even say impossible. The truth is that with the help of some tricks and the right cosmetics and the most damaged hair can look healthier and glossier.
The hair consists of three main layers – cuticle, cortex and medulla. The cuticle is the outer scaly layer of the hair. It is responsible for the strength, gloss and softness of the hair. Over it there is a layer of sebum /natural fat of the scalp/ which adds gloss and protects the hair. The cortex is liable for the strength, the color and the texture. The medulla is the inner layer and is the “core” of the hair.
The cuticle may be damaged chemically and mechanically by the usage of hair dye or blow drying. The outside factors as sun exposure, dirty air, wind, sea water and chlorine water in pools can damage the hair as well. When the cuticle is damaged the protective layer of the skin peels off and this way the hair is “exposed”. In some cases even the inner layer – the medulla may be irreparably damaged.
The best you can do for your hair to look better is to use conditioners and hair masks regularly. They have the property to smoothen the hair, to fill in the structure of the hair and it looks healthy and glossy. In fact, there are not enough cosmetic products that can “fix” the damaged hair, but there is enough quality cosmetics to make wonders, I guess this is the most important thing. Conditioners and hair masks have another benefit – they lower the static electricity, enhance the strength of the hair and protect from the UV rays.
There are four main factors of the healthy hair.

The glossy hair is always healthy even though the core of the hair is deep inside. The gloss is a reflection of the light of the hair’s plates. Conditioners and hair masks contain polymer that covers the plates of the hair and make an impression for thickness.
Static electricity
Combing and brushing of the hair help every separate hair to get static electricity and the hair becomes frizzy. Thin hair is easily charged with static electricity than thick hair. Some conditioners contain special ingredients that neutralize this action.
Enhancing the hair’s strength can be achieved through hair masks that contain hydrolyzed protein or hydrolyzed human keratin that has a low molecule weight. Due to this the inner of the hair is easily reached and they manage to fill it up. This filling up of the hair is not permanent; such products shall be used constantly for a good effect.
Even though such proteins are used for treating damaged and splitting ends, the cutting of the hair is of great importance.
Since the hair is made of non-living components it cannot get sick of cancer due to the sun light. But the excess sun exposure will for sure damage it and it will not look as pretty. So it is important to protect your hair from the sun.
People who blond their hair will notice the change in color. Blond hair may become yellow due to the chemicals it is treated with; it can lose its gloss and become dry.
Natural brown hair may get a reddish shade due to the photo-oxidation of the melanin. In order to protect your hair from the harmful sun light use conditioners and hair masks containing zinc oxide. If you are not very sure about your conditioner, use special sprays that protect the hair. A thick hat will always protect you but do not count on the straw hat because it has a lot of open spots.



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