Smooth straight hair

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Although many ladies are satisfied with the shape of their hair, many continue to use hair dryers and other tools to straighten their natural curls and wavy hair. If you are one of them, you should know how to properly use the different products and tools, because they damage the hair.



Step 1: Preparation
Once you have soaked your hair with a towel, gently apply on your hair a styling product: mousse softening or hardening and straightening hair gel. The silicone serum save for the end.


Step 2: Relax
Instead of grabbing the dryer as soon as you step out of the shower, let your hair dry naturally. “One of the biggest mistakes that women do is to begin shaping the hair while still quite wet – it will just get tired and eventually you will get tired,” said the famous hairdresser Barrett. Instead, relax and wait until your strands dry.


Step 3: Priorities
“If your line is styled beautifully, you can afford to rest”, says Barrett. If you have bangs, start with brushing it forward and holding it tightly stretched between your fingers as you dry in direction from the roots to tips of hair. “Repeat the procedure with the entire line,” he says. “Once the hair is dry, slightly pass a brush through it.”


Step 4: Divide and conquer
Divide the hair into four or five parts with a wide-toothed comb, then attach them to the head leaving one free. Dry the strand by straining toward the floor with a large round brush and tuck in or out. The tip of the dryer must be positioned several centimeters away from the brush all the time and focused right down to keep the top taut and smooth. Repeat with the other parts by winding some down and the other up to the tips so that the hair does not look too monotonous.


Step 5: Take out the big guns
Hair curlers allow you to steal the glamour of Miss Universe for minutes. Using a hair curler Barrett presses small strands of the dried hair from the bottom to the top. For smooth and passionate waves he curls the still wet hair with big rolls Velcro and places them on the head before blow drying the hair to form the curls. In a few minutes he takes off the rolls and carefully messes the hair.



Step 6: Final touches
Serums and creams containing silicone make the hair silky and glossy – just don’t use more than 1-2 drops. “You should use them carefully only on the ends after you have finished the hairstyle”, says Barrett. “If you put more of it the hair will look very greasy.”


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