Some Secrets for Superb and Magnetic Hairstyle

Image:© Maksim Toome / Fotolia

When you get up in the morning and look at the mirror, you have the feeling that something is wrong and even more often this is connected with your hairstyle. Just how many times you had to fight flying, disobedient strands or tried to keep your hairstyle or… Quite familiar, isn’t it?

Here are some secrets for the wonderful hairstyle that can solve these problems:

1. Buy some of those tiny pins that support strands without being visible. They are not only invisible, but your hairstyle looks natural.

2. If you want to achieve smooth, silky effect – use hair foam before the straightening press.

3. Whenever you wish for your hair to have beautiful, perfect little springs, firstly use the press to straighten it to “waffles”, and then curl with a curling iron. Put them in order with your fingers and apply hair spray.

4. The diadem is a great option to tame your hair and the good thing is that for the purpose you can use any beautiful ribbon you have on hand. Consider that elastic materials for hair bands catch better and smoothen the hair.

5. In case you have a problem with your disobedient curls, apply jojoba oil at the ends. This will prevent them from flying and will shape them into perfect waves. Often, curly hair is dry, so in order to moisturize it well after wetting it, apply on the ends jojoba oil (or olive oil), wrap your head with a warm towel and leave it for about an hour. It is obligatory to wash afterwards.

6. Use a nourishing conditioner or mask once a week on the entire hair, thus you will allow its active ingredients to penetrate the cuticles and make the hair soft and smooth.

7. Rollers with stickers are a real miracle. Always use a styling product before you put the rollers to shape your curls. Dry your hair with the hair-dryer before your take them off and apply hair spray.

8. Finally, if you want your hair to be really wonderful, avoid chemicals as much as possible. Bleaching and dying can damage it easily. If you want easy curls, use soft rollers or just make braids.

Beauty products will only work when you do not overuse them!



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