The favorite hairstyles of men

Image: © Denis Aglichev / Fotolia

Tell your hairdresser


Great! You like to experiment and can not wait to the weekend to break the men with the coolest and fresh look – makeup, clothes and a funky hairstyle. We know that on words is easy, but to act is sometimes very exhausting. Because your hair has its own opinion, and you are tired of arguing with her ​​and inventing a different image every day. Here are some inspirations – a few suggestions for party hairstyles, and why not even those which men like the most.


Wavy hair for summer mood


Just make a few braids, spray with hairspray and wait a few hours to make the magic. Men admit when they see such hair, they are eager to push through fingers into her. Clever, huh?


Lush curls for wild girls


For the strong sex the curls evoke mystery and disobedience. If you love to embody the role of a rebellious girl, it’s time to buy hair rollers. Placed after the bath, on slightly dried hair, but to take effect, on your hair they need a little more time. We encourage you to sleep with them for maximum results. When you take them off, run a finger between each curl to obtain a fluffy and shaggy hairstyle.


Shaggy is impactful


This effect is easily achieved and definitely brings messages. Just tilt your head down and turn on the hair dryer. Then spray with lacquer, but be careful not to overdo the amount. However, you need to be messy, not to create the impression of a fan of Elvis.


Short hair = experimental spirit


Some men are into more adventurous girls. They are rare, and when they come across them, men want to be part of this exciting life. If and you have short hair, it’s probably unnecessary to tell you how hot it is when you ruffle it. Add massive earrings and red lipstick – your free cocktails are guaranteed.


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