The hair color – a mirror of our inner state

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“If a woman decides to escape, her hair is the first thing issuing it” is sung in a popular song … Whether there’s some truth in that? Judging by myself I can boldly say “yes” – for some reason whenever I have been faced with a major change on a personal level, this has reflected in my hair – whether I will cut my hair or change the color when I have made an important decision, my first impulse has been necessarily to do something with my hair … and somehow this brought me satisfaction and relief. I asked around other women around me to figure out whether the rule applies to others, and they confirmed it. It turns out that the color of the hair or the changes of the hairstyle issue our intentions and are an indicator of what is happening in our love life.


Most often to drastic changes in the hairstyle come near the women resolved of separation. Of course, this applies especially to those who for years have never parted with their hair and they are traditionalists … and suddenly – a radical change. It may mean, however, and the emergence of a new man in their lives. Frequently changing their hairstyles women allegedly are erratic in love and are still searching for themselves…


Anyway, in change there is nothing wrong and if we think that the time has come for it, and if the new hair color will inspire more confidence or will mark a symbolic end at some stage of our lives (our relationships), and the beginning of another – it is good something to remind us of that change. Sometimes we want to start “from scratch” and we ourselves to feel new, different, beautiful … and brave with our new “self”. Just be careful in your anger or panic not to make a change for which you will regret!


If you have decided to make a drastic change in your hairstyle, consider several factors:


  • Verify that the new haircut will actually suit you – the modern salons offer the option to try different hairstyles on a photo at place or on the Internet. Another option is to go to a store for wigs, although this will not give you a very complete picture of things as the natural hair stands in a different way, but it is a guideline … or consult a hairdresser whom you trust.
  • The new haircut means new vision – the change of your hairstyle changes your entire look, so be sure to consider: your figure, features and face shape, skin tone, age, the color of the eyebrows, style of dressing, makeup and so on – elements of the overall “landscape” that should not be neglected. You do want the effect to be positive, right?
  • You may not get what you expect – if you have some idea of how you will look, it can not be covered with what will happen in practice – for example, if you are guided by a model in a magazine, to you it may stand quite differently and you will not be satisfied with the outcome. To avoid the risks, it is best not to do experiments at home, and go to the hairdresser at least for the first dyeing, and then ask for advice on how to continue to care for your hair alone.
  • You will need some time to get used – even your hairstyle to be successful, for a while it may be difficult for you to perceive it, and possibly for the others will be the same. If you meet their conflicting opinions, do not worry – this is normal. And they need a period of adaptation. The important thing is for you to feel happy and good in your skin, or simply to be more different. Then, when radiating confidence you and the others can not help but get used it.
  •  Do not rush! – If you are under the influence of some strong emotion, better wait to calm down before you decide to cut the long hair or from a brunette to suddenly become a blonde. Otherwise you risk to achieve the opposite effect and be disappointed or to exhaust extremely your hair with heavy procedures.



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