The women discover the perfect haircut at 32 years

Image: © Forewer / Fotolia

According to the results of a British study at average 32 years of age women discover what hairstyle suits them best. The men with perfect hair are most often 39 years old according to the study.

In the survey conducted by the leading clinic for hair transplants Crown were involved 1000 volunteers from the UK.

The surveys show that women change the vision of their hair at least 50 times until they discover the exact for them. Most women begin with the changes in their hair at the age of 16 and continue with the experiments usually up to 32 years.

Men on the other hand discover the perfect hairstyle at 39 years, but on behalf of that with far less trials – only 10. The representatives of the stronger sex were unhappy only once a week from their hair, while the ladies at least twice a week do not like their hairstyle.

This means that women have been an average of 1664 days with a bad haircut, while men – only 1196 days.

From the British clinic Crown have reported and greater interest towards the hair transplants over the last five years. According to the authors of the study the average age for first transplant also has fallen from 52 years to 44 years.

Over the years, people do all sorts of experiments with their hair and as evidenced from the survey, the champions in these attempts are the women who change the length, color and overall look of their hair.

Although there is nothing wrong with changing your appearance, the experts advise to be careful when you are trying to make your hair perfect.

  1. Do not use too often hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons – they damage the hair and the more often you treat your hair with them, the greater the damage to it. If you can not reduce the use of the devices, at least treat your hair with appropriate products that protect it.
  2. Do not wash your hair too often – unless you have very oily hair you should not wash your hair too often as this exhausts it.
  3. Always use conditioner – if you miss the conditioner when bathing, your hair will be dry, lifeless and will split more often.


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