Tips for beautiful hair in the autumn

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Each season requires specific hair care. After the summer exhaustion associated with the hot sun and the influence of the sea and swimming pools, the attention must be really more than the usual.


Massage the scalp


The massaging of the scalp stimulates the blood circulation and strengthens the roots. Therefore each application of shampoo is good to be done with a light massage for 2-3 minutes. In the cold weather you should not go outside with wet hair. It is better to reduce the use of curling irons and presses, because they dry it further. Do not use plastic combs, but a brush with natural bristles and regularly make the head massage. Tap water additionally dries it, so it is good to wash the hair with boiled or mineral water and if possible to not dry it with a hairdryer.



Warm your hair


When it is cold outside, it is good to protect your hair by wearing a hat. From the cold the blood vessels of the head get shrunk and this slows down the blood microcirculation and thus the hair follicles do not work properly. The wearing of a hat helps to preserve the normal blood circulation. When choosing your hat, avoid tight hats and buy such that are made from natural materials.


Nourish your hair


In the autumn the moisturizing and healing hair masks are very necessary. To revive the hair, look for nourishing conditioners and shampoos containing natural moisturizers (aloe vera, seaweed, etc.). The hair care is complemented by intensive nourishing masks with minerals, vitamins and natural ingredients like jojoba, glycerin, argan, avocado, etc. which affect in depth. It is necessary to apply them once a week.


Be careful with the styling products


Under the influence of humidity and rain, the gel and hair spray give your hair a dirty look. So avoid their use when the weather is not good and use lighter products.


Keep the color


If you are planning to change your hair color, the autumn is the best time to do it. The color will remain for a long time because the sun’s rays weaken with each passing day. The professional dyes not only give you the so desired color, but at the same time protect, nourish and moisturize the hair.


Eating a balanced diet


In order your hair to be healthy and beautiful is particularly important the appropriate nutrition with food rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and zinc. The zinc is the basis for the fight against hair loss. Eating beans, peas, sunflower seeds, almonds, brown rice, milk, beef and poultry meat, eggs and all sea treats will supply the body with the necessary quantity of zinc.

Consume enough meat because the proteins are structurally significant for the hair. The fish, except in zinc is rich in omega-3 acids and vitamin C. Vitamin B in combination with vitamin C takes care of the strength and density of the hair, as it prevents splitting and breakage. And with the fall and with age the hair becomes more susceptible to breakage and its density decreases. Every day our bodies need at least a spoonful of vegetable oil.



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