Tips for Fluffy and Shredded Hair

Image:© Oleg Gekman / Fotolia

Tip 1. Moisturize your hair. Hair bounces when it is dry, it absorbs the moisture from the air and this can be prevented with a creamy shampoo and a suitable mask. You only need to rinse well the products in order for it to not look dirty and greasy. 

Tip 2. Dry right. In order to keep your curls soft, apply a styling lotion on damp hair and let it  dry by itself. The more you touch your hair and slide your fingers through it, the more shapeless and fluffy it will be. To smooth your hair, move the hair-dryer directly along the hair length while drying it, and not in the roots.

Tip 3. Protect your hair. Use silicone or crystal hair products, but do not apply too much. Thus, your hair will be well protected and shiny.

Tip 4. Nourish your hair with oils twice a week. Wheat oils are one of the closest to the natural oils of the scalp. Apply them on dry hair, with your hands and slightly rub, then brush your hair well with a wide brush in order to fully nourish it. Before washing, leave the oils to act as longer as possible, at least 5- 10 min.

Tip 5. Cut and dye your hair right. Avoid too thinned hairstyles. If your hair is curly or wavy, it is not proper to be thinned, because this way it will bounce even more and will be difficult to shape. Strands or too often dying may worsen the problem because ammonia and blonder damage the hair.



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