Try these three tricks for perfect hair

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Three tricks for perfect hair, with which you will have a daily self-confidence as of a woman who has just come out of the hairdresser.


Do you want to have perfect hair?

Yes, just like in the magazines and the beautiful pictures on the internet.


Hair that does not get tangled, has a pretty shine, hair that stands natural and attracts the male gaze.


Dear ladies, here are three tricks that are absolutely free. Try them out and you will soon have perfect hair:


  1. Never cut your hair very short. Or ask your hairdresser to not overdo it with the cutting of your hair. It is not true that the short hair is easily maintained into a neat hairstyle, on the contrary – it often looks wrinkled and when it starts to grow it usually looks shapeless.


  1. You make a big mistake with drying your hair. It is usually too wet when you dry it with the hair dryer, and it is still dripping on your body. The justification is that you are in a hurry and have no time. Remember, never use the hair dryer at the maximum when your hair is still too wet. At that moment the hair gets severely burned. The rule is – when coming out of the bathroom, put a towel on the hair to absorb the moisture. There are also special towels for this purpose that quickly absorb the water.


  1. Be careful how you sleep. If you go to bed with wet hair you will look awful in the morning. The hair will be flattened. Always treat your hair with a little foam or gel before bedtime and if you want curls, you can put rolls of foam or rollersticks with which to sleep over. And if they feel uncomfortable, make sideways braids (if your hair is long enough), which you can tighten with rubber bands. In the morning you will feel happy when you look in the mirror – you will have the perfect hair like from a fashion journal!



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