Washing with humani for healthy and vibrant hair

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In the past, humani had been the main washing means as for the skin, as well as the hair. Today, we wash our hair with shampoos and use the humani mainly for nourishing masks. However, often the cause of its poor condition – hair loss, excessive greasiness, redness of the scalp, lack of volume and shine, is not due to exhaustion but the intolerance to detergents (the washing chemicals). In this case, even if you change the shampoo, the problem will not be solved because detergents are the main ingredients in all cleaning products.

The best solution is to give a short break to your hair from the chemistry and at least for a month to fully trust the grandmother’s methods. Washing with humani not only nourishes and strengthens the hair, but also ideally extracts all contaminants. Try and see for yourself. The desire to wash your hair with shampoo after the humani mask is more prejudice than necessary. Simply until on our head is not formed a significant amount of foam, we have doubts that our hair is clean.

The ideal option is to obtain with a green humani – it contains the most minerals, but is only sold in the marketplaces. Although less rich in ingredients, the white clay (kaolin) is also suitable. Its advantage is that it is extremely easy to use – immediately dissolves and washes away quickly. Depending on the type of the hair are added various ingredients.


Against hair loss

Mix the humani with a little water and allow it to dissolve well. Then add two tablespoons of quinine water and a few drops of rosemary essential oil. Apply the slurry first in the roots and then along the hair shaft. Let it stand for 20 minutes and wash it off well. To have your hair more shine rinse it with water, in which add a few tablespoons of vinegar or the juice of one lemon.


For greasy hair

Humani is perhaps the most efficient instrument for regulating the oiliness. It extracts the sebum without irritating and so does not cause the effect of most of the aggressive shampoos – even quicker greasiness. To wash your hair, mix the clay with apple vinegar or the juice of one lemon to form a thick paste. Add a few drops of essential oil of sage and apply the mixture to your hair. After 20 minutes rinse thoroughly.


For dry hair

If your hair is dry prepare a classical base for washing – humani and vinegar (lemon juice), but add one yolk. In this case, leave to act for 20 minutes and rinse. Then, for easier combing of the hair, on the comb put a few drops of jojoba oil.


Humani is inappropriate solely to the colored hair since it quickly washes away the color. If you got the wrong paint however or you want to quickly return to your natural color, it is a true salvation.




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