What mistakes we make when we wash our hair?

Image: © Alliance / Fotolia

The hair is very important for every woman. We want to look good and everyone to make us compliments on our hair. An extremely valid point is that according to the character we have different hairstyles and every style is a kind of way to express ourselves and our mood. In order to get to the good looking hair, however are needed lots of cares.

The bad thing is that many hairdressers notice the same things that we women do when washing our hair and this does too much damage to the hair itself. In practice that harms everything from the strength of the hair to her appearance. Nobody likes shredded and crumpled or even oily hair. Here is which things you should not do in the bathroom for your hair:

1. Frequent washing – many women wash their hair every day, and this only exhausts the hair and it loses its strength and shine. It is normal the hair to be washed on 2-3 days, and if possible and longer, it depends on how often the hair gets oily.

2. Washing the hair with very hot water – it is a great folly to wash with hot water, the only thing you do is to allow the hair to further get oily much more quickly. The washing of the hair should be done with lukewarm water or at least before getting out of the bathroom to rinse it with cold water.

3. Conditioner – for healthy and beautiful hair you need a conditioner. After each wash is needed conditioner, it nourishes and strengthens the hair.

4. The choice of a shampoo – when we select a shampoo and find our perfect choice we use it forever or at least for very long. However, this proved to be a big mistake, according to the hairdressers. It is necessary to change it every 2 months in order to not convene the scalp and hair with it. When this happens the shampoo just stops acting and spoils the hair.


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