What to do if you have dry skin of the scalp

Image: © Elena Kharichkina / Fotolia

We rarely think about that, but the beautiful hair is directly related to the healthy skin of the head.


As the skin of the body, the skin of the head is renewed every 28 days, the dead cells fall away and new and healthy ones appear in their place.


The dry air can dry out the skin of the head and reduce the protective layer of oil in it, and thereby cause redness and itching. Then the hair appears lifeless and it is impossible to take shape.


Also the low temperatures, reaction to strong chemicals, overindulgence with hair care products and the frequent washing, as well as harsh washing of the hair can interfere with the natural process of cell renewal of the scalp. In this way the dead cells will accumulate and turn into thin flakes. The accumulation of these flakes can clog the hair follicles and block the production of sebum, which further dries out the hair.


If you develop itching and redness of the scalp from hair dye, or after using the press for straightening and instruments for curling, you may have a problem with dry skin of the head. Also, if you see small flakes of skin that looks like a powder, it is a proof that your scalp is dry.


Here are some tips to relieve the itching and redness:


If it happens to you your scalp to itch a lot and become red, these simple tricks can help you.


Avoid scratching skin of the head because this will further irritate the skin and cause a breach of the hair structure.


– Use a shampoo that moisturizes the hair and scalp.


– After each washing of the hair with shampoo, gently rub conditioner into the skin of the head to moisten it.


Avoid the hot air from the hair dryer as it can dissolve the natural oils from the skin of the head and make it sensitive and dry.


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