Why does our hair gray?

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The genetics is the main reason. If the hair of the ancestors grayed early, this is what’s coming and for their generations. Usually the first gray hairs appear around 40, according to the statistics by the age of 50, 50% of the person’s hair is visibly white.

The hair starts to gray then turns to white because at a certain age the follicles in the hair stop producing melanin – the pigment which determines our hair color. If in the hair there is more melanin, the color will be darker, the less it is – the lighter will be the color.

During the aging process, the pigments in the cells of the follicles of the hair gradually start to produce decreased quantities of melanin which leads to color loss and the hair respectively grays. With time the body stops creating new cells which to replace the dying ones and the final result is completely white hair.

There are cases with the so called “premature graying” which happens to young people at the age of 20. Claims that the hair can gray overnight due to fear or negative emotions are very true scientifically speaking.

Certain psychological or emotional trauma can stress so much the human body that it to stop producing the substance melanin and in some cases to stop the growth of the hair for certain period of time. Reasons for early gray hair could be inappropriate nutrition, smoking, lack of B vitamin, bad condition of the scalp, washing the hair with too hot water, hair dryer, treating the hair with dyes from an early age.

If you want to have no gray hair as long as possible, try to avoid sodas, white flour, refined sugar and all products thereof. These products take the energy off the cells and cause not only gray hair but wrinkles and problematic skin.



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