Why does the hair grow too slowly

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The absence of long, gorgeous curls bothers many of the women worldwide. In fact, despite the given care and attention, there is always something more to ask. Let us find out why in some cases, the hair does not grow long, beautiful and healthy?


Experts indicate two main reasons


First – this is a genetic predisposition. If your hair at an early age has grown thin and light, then most likely you are “rewarded” by your parents or ancestors. In this case, no treatment is needed and you just have to find a suitable and correct approach. To do this, it is not bad to ask a specialist to help you make the right choice in the selection of cosmetics and to give you tips on proper nutrition.


If your hair has lost its vitality and suddenly has stopped growing after a strong emotional stress or medical treatment, and no natural or pharmaceutical means do not help, you should contact your doctor. He will not only help to restore the growth, but will detect the main reason why the hair does not grow long.


If your hair does not look so bad, but still noticeably gets thinner – this is a very serious cause for concern and anxiety to seek help as soon as possible.


And now closely for each factor


  1. Going back to the subject of the genetic predisposition, in order to deal with this problem, be sure to ask your mother or grandmother what they do for their hair. In addition, it is repeatedly proven that the belonging to a certain race has a direct impact on the status and length of the hair. Since it is observed that black people have the thinnest hair and the Mongolians, on the contrary – the thickest, Europeans are somewhere in between.


  1. Among the acquired causes why the hair does not grow, important place take the way of life and diet. If you have a deficiency of vitamins, minerals and microelements, it is likely that this will affect the condition of the skin, hair and nails. Zinc, chromium, beta-carotene, magnesium, calcium, silicon and iodine – they are essential for the human body. And to find out which substances are not enough for you, you can do a spectral analysis of your hair.


Some dermatological diseases can also be a reason for delay in the hair growth. Poor blood supply to the hair follicle too. The best solution in this case is the head massage. This procedure will help to restore the strength of the roots, which immediately will lead to growth and healthy appearance of the hair.


Problems with the digestive tract or an anomaly in the endocrine system can often worsen the appearance of the hair. Often very strong shock or stress can influence its condition. Directly or indirectly, unstable psychosomatic condition can be the culprit for a problem with the hair.


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